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Complete Management Solutions

Why the pictures of gunk filled heat exchangers?

Sage 1, LLC fixes problems like such. The upper image is what a heat exchange unit should look like. The lower image from one of our buildings before they hired Sage 1, LLC. It turns out their "expert" contractor was billing them thousands of dollars a year to maintain only four of these on site. Once this was brought to our attention we brought in the right contractor with integrity and knowledge to keep these systems running properly. The result of our work? An astounding 23% reduction in gas consumption and thousands of dollars cut from the bills every year due to proper management.


From Concept to Completion

What about property renovations?

You have great ideas for your community. There can be a lot of daunting challenges ahead. How do you see them through? Who is watching over your contractor? Who is watching your engineer? What about all of the paperwork, ensuring you have the proper warrantees, unit owner notifications, changes in work orders, coordination of inspections, staying with budget, timing of payments and all the homeowner questions that come with it?

Was that overwhelming? With Sage 1, LLC, it won't be.

Realistic Financial Solutions

It's quite simple, numbers don't lie. Condominium boards have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure their community is being maintained if a financially prudent manner. We are as straightforward as one can get with presenting you and your members the reality of association costs. We maintain a multi-year history of your income and expesnses, analyzing trends and providing recommendations to ensure a sound financial longevity to your investment. While the board always has the final say; it can be assured that decisions are being made with the most accurate information available.

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