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Management Services


Exceeding Expectations Through Services Like:

  • Regular Site Inspections

  • Collections

  • Billing

  • Administration of Governing Documents

  • Vendor Payments

  • Complete Financial Reports

  • Monitoring of Account Balances

  • Fully Insured Vendor Support

  • Home Owner Response

  • 24 Hour Emergency Support

Alongside the above services, we accommodate for special requests.

Monthly Report Contents

While the purpose of financial reports is to understand where your association funds are coming from and going to, not all companies provide the consistent information requested on a timely basis. Sage 1 produced reports are distributed between the 10th and 20th day of every month, some even earlier depending upon the information provided by your banking institution.

Our standard monthly report contains the following information and can be customized to meet your needs.

1. Statement of Cash Flows

2. Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual (Month)

3. Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual (Year to Date)

4. Unit Owner Balance Summary

5. Check Detail

6. Vendor Balance Summary

7. Balance Sheet

8. Trial Balance

9. General Ledger

10. Operating and Reserve Account Bank Reconciliation and Statement

Not only do we provide a complete reconciliation of your operating account, but each and every Reserve, Litigation, Special Project, etc. account you have. It is your money and you need to know what it is doing!

A hardcopy of all information is kept in the Association files as well as electronically. With exception to Board privileged information, financial reports

are also available to all owners upon request. By handling affairs in this manner, we find our clients are much happier not having to deal with endless paperwork, plus the Boards and the owners are happier!


Communication Services

Robo-Call: (aka Reverse Call, Call All, Quick, etc.) whatever you call it; it works and it's popular!

Our Robo-Call reaches your community in a single call. Inform residents of emergencies, work going on, meetings, snow events or just a simple holiday greeting!

E-Blaster: (emails for all)
Sent much like the Robo-Call, E-Blaster is a quick easy way to get information to your residents, owners and tenants alike!

Community Web Site:
Take advantage of your own community web site and owners have access to minutes, governing documents and an online service to pay maintenance fees. Many of our associations use the web site to post important news and answers to life in a community association.

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